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Daniel Farai Video Galley

In my debut film Shkova, a documentary film produced by Calabria's Region, I took on the challenge of playing multiple roles in order to produce the best that I possibly could, with a small budget. The roles included: writing, directing, editing and supervising the entire artistic direction of the film. Learn more me on La Gazzetta del Sud

The Ultimate Reel of Claudio Pacifico

My latest important commission was partaking in the editing of the Ultimate Reel of Claudio Pacifico, a professional Italian Stuntman who has been Nominated twice for an Oscar.

claudio pacifico.png

Visual Effects Artist for Operazione Offside, a Docufilm about Calciopoli scandal, broadcasted by LA7 television and Best Italian Documentary at the Roma Fiction Fest 2010 was the main cinematographic experience I have had in the film industry. Play my 2015 Demo Reel below at 1 min 06 sec for a quick look at the project. 

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